The Barre Guild warranty is issued only after the memorial has been thoroughly inspected and approved by the BGA member that fabricated your memorial. It is fully supported by all member companies of the Barre Granite Association. The purpose of this warranty is to provide you with assurance that your investment in a meaningful memorial is based on the highest standards of craftsmanship and materials.

In other words, the Barre Guild protects your investment in a fine memorial. Only Barre Granite Association members produce Barre Guild monuments. Barre is considered “The Granite Center Of The World’ and only members of the Barre Granite Association can offer you the BGA seal.

Etched in the lower comer of each Barre Guild memorial is the famous Barre Guild seal. This certifies that the memorial is crafted by a member firm of the Barre Granite Association and meets the industry’s most rigid quality standards. The monument is guaranteed free from defects such as seams or cracks. The BGA guarantee is also available on colored granite as well. Always look for these hallmarks of quality for your peace of mind.