A Reputation Carved in Stone


When it comes to selecting a sign, architects, signage professionals and organizations all have similar concerns. Will it convey the correct image for the business or establishment” Will it look as good in five, ten or even 25 years” And what will it cost” Not just for initial purchase, but for upkeep and ongoing maintenance, too.

Of all materials available to make signs today, none offers the lasting beauty, durability and value of Barre granite. A sign crafted by a reputable Barre Granite Association manufacturer lends an aura of stability and distinction to almost any property. It has a classic beauty that’s always fashionable, never dated. Granite is unequaled for longevity, withstanding all extremes in weather and urban pollutants.

Given all the concerns a sign must overcome, shouldn’t you consider the many benefits of granite?

For a price quote, or more information on our incomparable granite signs, contact your Barre Granite Association professional.