We All Want to Remember, and To Be Remembered


Selecting a memorial is an expression of love and respect for the life of a person. Whether the selection is made by family or friends after a death or as part of a pre-need plan, the memorial is a tribute to the life of an individual and is a source of comfort to those who are left to remember.

Selecting and designing a personal memorial is a unique opportunity to create a work of art that will express the personality of a special person for generations to come.

Memorials are lasting, genealogical records for families and are a lasting symbol of special lives that are remembered and commemorated.  One of our trusted Barre Granite Association memorial retailers can provide you with ideas on types of symbols, emblem, letter styles and epitaphs that will truly personalize a memorial.

Memorials range in size from small single flush markers to large family mausoleums;  the most popular being the traditional upright tablet and base.  Cemeteries have guidelines and regulations concerning memorial shapes, sizes, colors and installation and it is vital to be aware of these restrictions – our trained memorial counselors are here to help guide you through the process.

We all want to remember and to be remembered.  When you place a monument for someone, you are making a statement for everyone to see, through eternity.  You are saying that this person was special, and that someone loved this person enough to mark his or her life forever.