Timeless Beauty & Curb Appeal

Landscape Products

  • Perhaps no single factor is more important to the value of your home than its curb appeal.  Update your entry with a beautiful set of granite steps and make that all-important first impression.
  • Rough, hand-hewn or precisely machined, our beautiful granite posts are sure to add character, charm and strength to any landscape application.
  • Transform your outdoor space into an inspiring place with the addition of granite pavers, patios and walkways.
  • A granite memorial bench is a fitting addition to a favorite remembrance spot at your home, playground, park or town common to honor the heroes among us.

Naturally durable, granite withstands weathering, freeze-thaw cycles and ice melting chemicals unlike wood, brick or concrete.
At the BGA we believe in American-made products, and American craftmanship. Quality workmanship and superior granite materials result in low maintenance and permanence, assuring you or an outcome your family and community will enjoy for many years to come.

Whether you are in the market for one lamp post or wish to transform your entire yard, a BGA granite professional is here to assist you.