frequently asked questions

  • +Where does the granite come from?
    Granite is—quite literally—as old as the earth. It is formed from liquid magma, the molten rock still found at the core of the planet, cooled slowly to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamond. Granite is an igneous rock, the name reflecting its fiery beginnings. The chemical composition of granite is similar to that of lava. However, granite owes its hardness and density to the fact that it has been solidified deep within the earth, under extreme pressure. Over the eons, seismic activity and glaciers changed the crust of the planet, forcing veins of granite to the surface. Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles and other minerals. This mineral composition usually gives granite a red, pink, gray or white color with dark mineral grains visible throughout the rock. Deposits have been discovered on all the continents. Vermont quarries include the colors: Barre Gray, Woodbury Gray and Bethel White. Barre gray is favored for monuments, memorials and sculptures because of its uniform fine grain and color. For more on Barre Gray link to this document on Barre Gray, The Basics: BGA members produce products from a variety of granites mined throughout the world. We are best known for the quality products we make from Barre Gray mined in Vermont. Large blocks of granite in many different colors from other quarries, both domestic and foreign are shipped to Vermont to be made into the wide variety of products we produce
  • +How is the BGA Warranty applied?
    BGA members produce monuments from domestic quarries as well as sources from overseas from rough stock blocks and these are the monuments that can carry the Barre Guild Warranty. The Barre Guild warranty is issued only after the memorial has been thoroughly inspected and approved by the BGA member that fabricated your memorial. It is fully supported by all member companies of the Barre Granite Association. The purpose of this warranty is to provide you with assurance that your investment in a meaningful memorial is based on the highest standards of craftsmanship and materials. In other words, the Barre Guild protects your investment in a fine memorial. Only Barre Granite Association members produce Barre Guild monuments and can offer you the BGA seal. The monument must be produced from rough stock by a BGA manufacturing member. Imported finished stones are not eligible to be BGA certified.
  • +Can I order a memorial direct from the BGA?
    The Barre Granite Association is a trade association and does not engage in the manufacture or sale of granite products. The BGA provides service directly to the granite industry in Vermont. The manufacturers in Vermont operate primarily as wholesalers serving distributers and retailer around the country and the world. Our manufacturers are not equipped to serve the consumer directly. We work directly with the retail monument company who is able to provide the service consumers need such as knowledge of local cemetery regulations and setting monuments in place. The BGA searchable data base can help a consumer find a reputable retailer near their home or final destination.