A Premier Building Material

Architectural Granite

Granite is considered a premier building material as it reflects unique character, stability, and sophistication. Granite offers a broad range of color, pattern, and texture all are visually interesting.

Granite exhibits a durability not found in other building materials. Granite among other building materials possess innate characteristics that contribute toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or LEED intended construction. Consider stone’s low embodied energy, ready availability as a naturally occurring material – often locally (within a 500 mile radius of the project), no off-gases to impair indoor air quality, high thermal capacitance, and exceptional durability for low maintenance and structural permanence.

Using granite for architectural projects add a value that is more than of monetary measure. It involves longevity, ease of maintenance, permanence and stability that far exceed initial investment. Utilizing stone is now more affordable than ever due to advancing stone quarrying and processing technology that has improved efficiency. New automated machinery allows fabricators to cut granite thinner, faster, more consistently and at less cost.

In addition, natural stone is simple to care for and can last a lifetime.